Cooking with Sarpos

Most people like eating some potatoes and not others.  Some like a waxy potato with a bland taste, others like a fluffy potato with a pronounced potato-y taste.  Waxy potatoes, good for boiling/steaming and for saute, have a low dry matter content whereas fluffy potatoes, good for roasting, baking, chips (fries) and crisps, are high in dry matter.

Our varieties sit at various points on the scale of high to low dry matter (floury to waxy) although the dry matter varies with soil conditions and even with geography.  It looks something like this….


HIGH DRY MATTER                                                                                  MEDIUM DRY MATTER                          LOW DRY MATTER





This then tells you what variety to use for different recipes:  high dry matter varieties are good for mashing, chipping and baking whilst low dry matter varieties are good for boiling and as salad potatoes.  That is why  Sarpo Mira is not so good as a boiling potato as it will fall apart if boiled too long.  Try cooking it without peeling.  The skin prevents disintegration.  Or why not steam it or try microwaving in a covered bowl.  Experiment – it is fun.