Allotment & Garden, where to buy Sarpo Seed Potatoes

For many years Sarpo potato varieties have had a fervent following with allotment holders.  The reasons for that are simple.sarpo sack

Allotment holders frequently grow there vegetables in an organic way and so are always looking for varieties that do not need spraying.

They look for varieties of potato that yield well because of the relatively small space available.

They want varieties that tolerate late blight because this devastating disease is often seen for the first time each season in allotments.  Lots of gardeners, different varieties, sometimes  questionable hygiene results in allotment beds having the perfect conditions for infection!

Sarpo seed potato can be purchased from  …


The main grower of our Sarpo varieties

organic plants

Organic Plants that do mail order of all our varieties


As well as doing mail order, Pennards are famous for their potato days


T&M have been selling Sarpos for over 10 years now


Suttons supply mail order

Patch are based in Northeren Ireland and will post to most locations

D T Brown Mail Order

Mr Fothergills Mail Order