Sarpo Potatoes

Sarpo Potatoes as a limited company came into being in 2013 as the trading arm of the Sarvari Research Trust. The trust has worked on the breeding of blight resistant potatoes since 2002 and to date has listed 7 varieties which span the various cropping and culinary genres.

Whilst the trust wished to continue pursuing its not for profit goals, it needed a fully commercial entity to produce and sell the fruits of its efforts … Sarpo Potatoes Ltd is the result! We have the full rights to produce, market and sell the Sarpo varieties within the UK, EU and across the world. We believe that we have developed a family of potatoes that fits a significant niche for grow it your selfers, organic growers and nations where the potato is a staple crop grown in a more traditional way than the agro industrial west.

We have the rights to sell all Sarpo varieties (except Sarpo Mira outside of the UK). We control and produce all of our own seed for sale and grow in Wales and Northern Ireland. Our seed potatoes can be found in most garden centres (link to suppliers), via mail order and websales and can be sourced directly in 25kg and 1 tonne quantities.

Our aim is to spread the word about Sarpo, create and fulfil the demand for our unique branded varieties and to feed all our profits back to our parent body, The Sarvari Research Trust. We are an ethical business dedicated to selling blight tolerant seed potato wherever we can ensure our rights our protected. The trust, in its turn will be working to provide these potatoes freely where they are needed in the world (link to trust aims).