Open days for Seed producers 21 & 22 August

Sarpo Potatoes Ltd is looking for new producers to meet growing demand for its blight and virus resistant […]

New Seed Production Manual available

We’re delighted to announce the first edition of our Seed Production Manual is available to download here, neu yn Cymreag, […]

Sustainable Potatoes Wales Newsletter out now!

Read our very first Newsletter with details of our progress so far and links to exciting resources, blogs, […]

Open days for growers, 1-3 March 2017

As part of our ‘Sustainable Potatoes Wales’ project we are organising open days for growers up and down […]

Where to buy Sarpo seed potatoes

Our seed is now being grown near Dundee, Scotland by the family firm, Skea Organics.  Andrew will give […]

SRT wins Impact and Innovation Award for blight resistant tomato

Along with colleagues Dr Katherine Steele (College of Natural Sciences, Bangor University), our research student Dr James Stroud, […]