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Sarpo Una


  Sarpo Una 1 (Copy)

Una sits apart in the Sarpo stable in being a second early.  Ready to harvest  from mid june onwards its perfect grown in pots or potato sacks.  Even though it is likely to be out of the ground before disease strikes, it has good resistance to late blight as well as a range of other diseases

Dr David Shaw says….

An earlier variety with a delicate flavour and waxy flesh

  •    Perfect for container growing

  • Big yields if left to grow

  • Harvest early as a waxy salad, leave longer for a heavy crop of baking potatoes

  • Delicate taste with pure white flesh

  • Good all round blight and disease tolerance

Culinary Comments

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Sarpo Una is a waxy, delicate flavoured variety that works perfectly as a salad potato hot or cold.  When harvested late it makes for a great baker