Life after copper – The European Conference on Copper in Plant Protection

Historically, organic potato producers have been able to use copper based fungicides as a ‘last resort’ to manage […]

Notes from a novice – my first year growing certified seed

As I start planning my 2017 season, it’s an appropriate time to look back on 2016 – my […]

Sarpo Potatoes

Securing seed – Strategic priorities

An AHDB Seed Potatoes Event 2016 plenary session report ‘It all starts with us. We are the beginning […]

Successful storage

An AHDB Seed Potatoes Event 2016 workshop report To date, storage has been pretty straightforward for SPL. Often […]

AHDB Potatoes Seed Industry Event 2016- A new grower’s perspective

In November last year I had the opportunity to go to the AHDB Potatoes Seed Industry Event. Aberystwyth […]

Tackling Blackleg

An AHDB Seed Potatoes Event workshop report A disease on the increase? In the context of disease incidence […]