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Sarpo Kifli


A high yielding salad potato, which makes it ideal for growing in raised beds and containers where productivity is key

Sarpo Kifli 1 (Copy)Sarpo has until recently had a name for developing main crop, high dry matter potatoes.  Kifli changes all that.  A creamy fleshed and waxy potato that fits the salad and boiled requirement that many home gardeners seek.  Kifli still has great late blight resistance, a very useful characteristic for an early main crop.  Kiflis claim to fame is that it has a wonderful new potato flavour that remains right through the summer and autumn.

  • Great new potato flavour all summer long

  • Long shape with creamy white flesh

  • Good all round disease tolerance

  • Ideal for raised beds and containers

  • High yielding and can be kept until spring

Culinary Comments

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salad boil

Sarpo Kifli is a waxy potato in culinary terms with low dry matter, this means it can withstand boiling wityh its skins on or off.  A great new potato taste and with its high yields, will supply the table for many weeks.