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Sarpo Shona


Shona has excellent late blight tolerance as well as being resistant to many other diseases.  Sarpo Shona is one of the newest additions to the Sarpo family.  A white skinned early main crop potato which has many of the classic Sarpo characteristics with an intermediate taste and texture.   is a very productive variety which matures early and has a good skin finish and easy to use well rounded tubers.

We think that Shona has the potential to be our star performer because of its great all round ability and character.

David Shaw says ….

A new addition to the Sarpo family that is destined to become and firm favourite 

Sarpo Shona 2 (Copy)
  • Great multi use potato

  • Loved for its state and cook ability

  • Best for small gardens and container growing

  • Excellent blight and disease tolerance

  • Matures early with large yields

Culinary Comments

Best for…

 mash roast

Sarpo Shona is an intermediate potato in culinary terms with a relatively high dry matter, but waxy enough to withstand serving boiled.  A great taste and as easy peel shape makes this a great variety to grow in the garden.

Top River Cottage Chef, Gelf Anderson says…

  • Made good mash; if being ultra-critical, had a slightly powdery finish on it, but still an excellent result, smooth, fluffy and a good potato flavour

  • Amazing chips, one of the best chipping potatoes I have used, blew away any organic variety I can currently source