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Sarpo Blue Danube

The BLUE Sarpo

This unique member of the sarpo family sits apart from its brothers and sisters.  Blue Danube is an early main crop potato which is truly beautiful to grow in the garden.  It has excellent overall disease resistance but unusually for a sarpo, does not have high resistance to foliage late blight.  However it has strong resistance to late blight of the tubers.  This translated to a variety that my develop potato blight on its leaves just as it is reaching full maturity but this in no way effects its harvest or yields.

Because of its rapid growth, striking form and “strange” tuber colour, this makes for a great project potato for kids.  Once harvested, Blue Danube can be used for any cooking purposes where high dry matter is desired and it excels as a roast potato.  Because of its inbuilt dormancy it can be harvested in autumn and then kept in a cool dark place right though until spring without sprouting or softening

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  • Unusual blue violet potato

  • Quoted as the best roast potato ever

  • Striking plant with dark foliage and purple flowers

  • Ideal container growing for children

  • High overall disease resistance




Culinary Comments

Best for…

mash roast

Sarpo Blue Danube is a very high dry matter potato ideal for the above uses.  For those not happy with purple potatoes on their plate,  Blue Danube does tone down when it is cooked.

Top River Cottage Chef, Gelf Anderson says…

Made a nice smooth mash, really nice texture although a little weak on flavour

Really good chips hard to fault, light, crispy didn’t take on too much oil, really good quality

Blue Danube roasts particularly well and is good baked