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Sarpo Axona


Our best selling seed potato, developed to provide gardeners, allotment holders, small scale and organic growers. Axona is related to Sarpo Mira but with even better characteristics that make it easier to grow, easier to cook and with a superb taste.

Axona is a pink skinned main crop potato that is winning critical acclaim wherever it is grown and eaten. Its great blight and disease resistance, coupled with its weed smothering foliage and natural dormancy makes it ideal for the Grow It Yourself enthusiast or beginner. The potato plants come up and fill the available space with stunning dark green foliage and eye stopping pink flowers that is untroubled by Potato Blight and other diseases such as virus’ and silver scurf.

As it grows Axona fills out to produce large regular shaped tubers that can produce very large yields of very flavoursome potatoes. Whether you store your harvest or keep in the ground, Axona’s inbuilt dormancy means that it will keep fresh and without sprouting until spring.

Son of Sarpo Mira, improved to grow a more compact plant, with better sized tubers and that same great potatoey tast.

  • Superb potato taste

  • Large and regular tubers

  • Weed stopping foliage with pink flowers

  • Extremely tolerant of blight and other diseases

  • Just keeps growing and yields can be huge

Culinary Comments

Best for…

Sarpo Axona is a high dry matter potato with multiple uses to sit alongside its great cultivation characteristics. If you like your spuds chunky and full of flavour then Axona is the one for you. As an aside, Axona makes great crisps with “good fry colour and taste”

Top River Cottage Chef, Gelf Anderson says…

  • Made the best mash of the bunch, light, fluffy, really good flavour, a pleasure to work with

  • Really good chips hard to fault, light, crispy didn’t take on too much oil, really good quality

  • Nice cold could be put to many uses without too much needed to help it out, retained it’s flavour and maintained a good texture