Selling now: Sarpos Kifli and Blue Danube

Selling now: Sarpos Kifli and Blue Danube

In 2018 we grew certified seed of these two varieties on farms in South Wales. Here is a great opportunity to try these two, newer Sarpos.  If you have not tried them, you must, as they have excellent cooking qualities.

Kifli is a white skinned, elongate potato cropping from August onwards.  You will get that lovely new potato flavour when it is newly harvested, a flavour that is rare these days in so-called new potatoes.  It is also ideal for potato salad.  Both conventionally grown and organically grown stocks are available in 25kg bags.

Blue Danube, said to be the best ever roaster, also bakes and chips well too.  You can even microwave in the skin and eat directly or split and make mash with a potato ricer.  You will not go back to other varieties after you try that. Conventionally grown seed is available in 25kg bags.

For prices, message David Shaw via contacts.

Sarpo Blue Danube

Sarpo Kifli